It's that time again. Are you ready?

Herve Tullet is back with another book to get kids learning through touch.

But this time, things are going to get mixed up and messy... In a good way! (We promise!)

Page after page, children discover the thrill of mixing colors as they tap here, rub there, press here, squish there, and then turn the page to see what happens.

Discover the results of mixing blue with red, yellow with blue, and red with yellow.

Mix up stripes with a big shake. Turn all the dots green by shutting the book really quick. Make new colors by tilting the book this way and that way.

Yes! - Rub white on the colors to make them lighter. Rub black on the colors to make them darker. Then see what happens when you smash white and black together!

That's it! You got it! All done! You understand colors!

Kids get a big blast of color-mixing messy fun (without the mess!), when they start exploring Herve Tullet's Mix It Up book.

Mix It Up!
  • Interactive book of learning color mixtures
  • Encourages reading skills, color-learning, cause-effect learning
  • Interactive reading makes color-learning stick
  • Discover mixtures of blue with red, yellow with blue, red with yellow
  • Learn how to make colors lighter with white, darker with black
  • Learn what happens when white is mixed with black
  • Interactive - Touch here, turn the page, something happens!
  • Driven by imagination - (Works like a normal book, children imagine they caused the colors to mix)
  • Created by Herve Tullet - Creator of New York Times Bestseller, Press Here
  • Published by Chronicle Books
  • Durable hardcover binding with strong pages

    Note: This is a regular book. Kids don't actually mix colors. Each page simply presents two or more colors plus an interactive prompt and then kids turn the page to discover the results.
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